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Learn the truth about fear and how to be free from it.

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A profound spiritual experience in the northern New Mexico high desert ignited the heart of Natalie Gail with the physical experience of God’s love. In her book, FearFlip: Following Fear to Find Your Freedom, Natalie shares the paradigm-changing appreciation of fear and offers FearFlip™, a unique, powerful, and effective process to transform all anxiety into lasting love.

In FearFlip you will:
  • Learn how to value fear as a trusted, reliable friend that you can count on to guide you right back home to peace.
  • Receive FearFlip™, a practical yet potent tool to transmute fear, the root of all stress, worries, and emotional pain, into love and the calm that results.
  • Discover the natural state of love resulting in your personal experience of fearlessness, unshakable joy, and bliss.


“Powerful and uplifting! Add FearFlip to your list of most important books ever read!” 
– Randy Peyser, author of The Power of Miracle Thinking


“FearFlip is for anyone who wants to break out of the downward emotional spiral created by fear, anxiety, depression, and ongoing stress. Natalie Gail provides a fresh perspective and clear path to asking the right questions that can help a person move through fear. When used in a therapeutic setting, this powerful process becomes even more effective as the client journals and interacts with the therapist to move through the emotionally stuck place that fear creates. In a nutshell, FearFlip is a vehicle for positive change whether it is used alone for self-help or with a therapist. I will incorporate this unique and practical therapeutic tool in my clinical training of both interns and therapists.”

– Susan Smith-Pierce, PhD, LPCC, Southwest Family Guidance Center & Institute

Enjoy a life of love and freedom.

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About Natalie Gail

Natalie GailAfter a long struggle with anxiety and deep depression, author and therapist Natalie Gail experienced a spontaneous spiritual transformation that fundamentally changed her life, brought her out of suffering into a miraculous new life. Experiencing divine ecstasy often reserved for the saints and mystics, she dedicated her life to service. As the founder of Enjoying the Bliss, those she facilitates experience life-changing results. She combines the wisdom of an ancient sage, with light-hearted compassion and grace. Natalie holds an MA and LMHC license in Counseling. FearFlip is her debut book.

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Why you should buy FearFlip

Are you or is someone you know dealing with:
  • High levels of stress
  • Health issues
  • Children with nightmares
  • Job or other insecurity
  • Relationship issues
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Constant worry
  • Financial burdens
  • Phobias
  • Insomnia
  • Major life transitions
In FearFlip you will:
  • Discover a real-life exercise and processes for adults and even children to utilize.
  • Learn how following your fear and the experience of fear is an illusory obstacle that can be transformed, no matter what the apparent cause or source, right now.

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How FearFlip™ and Natalie Gail are Changing Lives

“Natalie Gail uplevels the consciousness of the planet with this powerful and uplifting book. Add FearFlip to your list of most important books ever read!”

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Randy Peyser, author of The Power of Miracle Thinking

“We called Natalie and it was a decision that I will never regret. She has been a blessing to us. Most importantly, having Natalie’s support for my daughter through the emotional ups and downs, and the anxiety and stress made this difficult and pivotal time in life much easier. I would recommend Natalie to anyone…her services are, without a doubt, priceless!”

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Joe Hurtt | WA

“Those who work with Natalie will benefit greatly from her wisdom, safety, fearlessness, and loving nature.”

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Lisa Clugston, MA, LPCC, Psychotherapist | Corrales, NM

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